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Professional Dancer 


CONTINUUM Contemporary/Ballet 2022 to Present

Rebecca Kelly Ballet 2008 to 2019

Bristol Ballet Company, Guest Artist 2002-2003; 2012-2019, 2021

SENSEDANCE 2009 - 2015; 2019

Lydia Johnson Dance 2018 to 2019

Nomad Contemporary Ballet 2012 - 2016

Neglia Ballet Artists 2009

Eryc Taylor Dance 2008-2009

Fokine Ballet Company, Guest Artist 2007

Connecticut Ballet 2007

Columbia City Ballet 2006-2007

University of South Carolina, Guest Artist 2007

Cincinnati Ballet 2002-2003


The Nutcracker - Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen, Clara, Columbine Doll, Spanish, Snow & Flower Corps

Serenade - Russian Girl, Corps

The Sleeping Beauty - Aurora, Canary Fairy, Naiad

Swan Lake - Odette, Cygnet, Swan Corps

Midsummer Night's Dream - Fairy, Demi-Sprite

Frankenstein - Peasant, Wedding Guest

Cinderella - Winter Fairy Corps, Orange Dance

La Sonnambula - Hoop Dance


Donna Salgado - Sketches of Ink; Phraseworks; Delicate Nature

Jace Coronado - Que Niño Es Este? 

Lydia Johnson - Clearing; Trio Sonatas; Night and Dreams; Undercurrent

Rebecca Kelly - Rising into Light; Entanglement; A Fine Line of True Togetherness: Together and Fine Line; Spice Suite; Adirondack Elemental: Snow, Water; Apayana; Desire; Cascade; Writing in Water

Henning Rubsam - Combat del Somni; Grand Canyon; Brahms Dances; Two by Two; Obsession/Calm; Half Life; Impending Visit; Merciless Beauty; Inter-Mez-Zo; Cloudforest

Kristen McGrew - Soul Sleep; Wind Spirits; Adrift; Rua

Adrienne Hurd - Insecta Brilliante; Midnight Abyss

Kimpson Zackery - H.E.L.P

Shannon Maynor - Harmageddon

Ursula Verduzo - Bleeding Love

Janet Atallah - Synapse

Alexei Agoudine - Rusty Romance

Felice Lesser - Funding the Arts

Heidi Halt - Vivaldi #9

Eryc Taylor - Eminent Domain; Somewhere Out There

Helen Heineman - Collage

Benjamin Briones - Veija Cuidad de Hierro


Background Dancer - Rochambeau, New York Men's Fashion Week 2017


The International - IBCC Films, Inc - Naomi Watts' Double


Indiana University

B.S. Ballet Performance with an Outside Field in Communication & Culture 2006

  • Violette Verdy, Jacques & Virginia Cesbron, Guoping Wang, Glenda Lucena

Walnut Hill School 

  • Michael Owen, Samuel Kurkjian, Diane Arvanites, Sydelle Gomburg

Bristol Ballet School

  • Nadia Thompson, Gabriel Otevrel

Kingsport Guild of Ballet

  • Karen Gibbons-Brown


American Ballet Theatre Collegiate Summer Intensive 2007, NYC, NY

San Francisco Ballet School Summer Intensive 2001, San Francisco, CA

The National Ballet School of Canada Summer Intensive 1999 & 2000, Toronto, Canada

Boston Ballet Summer Intensive 1998, Boston, MA

International Ballet Competition 2002, Jackson, MS

 - Junior Competitor

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