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"Erin is my go-to Pilates teacher! I look forward to her classes because she encourages her students to push themselves to their limit throughout the entire class. Every session is challenging and I appreciate that she offers modifications when necessary. I always feel energized after Erin's Pilates classes and I'm so happy I found an instructor who is professional, fun and motivating."

Chelsea L.

"Erin Ginn has given me private Pilates lessons for the past four years.  I'm physically lazy and hate to exercise, but I look forward to spending an hour each week with Erin.  She gives clear, concise instructions, corrects when necessary, and compliments when deserved.  She's also a lovely, smart woman who makes the dreaded exercise fun. Because of Erin,  I'm much looser and stronger than I was 4 years ago. She's great."

Jane Berentson

"I‘ve taken Pilates classes with Erin Ginn for seven years and love working with her!  Erin brings her training as a dancer to our sessions, emphasizing body position, breathing, and balance, as well as strengthening and stretching.  As a teacher, Erin’s style is friendly, encouraging, and committed.  I recommend her enthusiastically!."

Leslie in Manhattan

"We have been doing a private duet class with Erin, twice a week, for almost a year now. Erin is a fantastic instructor. She is really attentive to both of us and she always takes the time to correct our form as well. She gives very clear, step by step instructions, so we always know what we are doing and we feel like we are in a live class rather than a virtual class. I love that Erin teaches classical Pilates but she always finds new exercises to add to every class so we are always challenged and learning new moves. Her classes work every muscle in your body! Erin has made staying fit and healthy during the pandemic possible for us. We leave each class feeling energized and rejuvenated." 

Monique O. & Randall S.

"I have been taking Pilates classes online with Erin Ginn for a few months. Besides the fact that Erin is punctual, concise, and easy to follow, she has an amazingly keen eye to give precise and helpful corrections. Because of her dance training, Erin understands how to pace the class, and has a wonderful sense of timing and flow. I feel elongated and energized at the end of each class. 

I always look forward to taking class, even online! In normal times, I visit NYC often and am looking forward to taking an in person class with Erin!"

Suzanne Evans

"Being a professional dancer I have taken numerous Pilates classes over the years but nothing consistently. After taking 2 classes a week for a month I can see a noticeable difference in my dancing. I’m turning better, more flexible, better aligned, and feel much stronger. Erin teaches a very challenging but manageable class. For a dancer looking for cross training or just someone who wants to get in better shape, Erin’s classes are terrific!"

Katie L.

"My husband and I took our first Pilates class ever with Erin via Zoom almost a year ago as the pandemic was beginning to keep us inside.  I've been so impressed with Erin's dedication, with her ability to recognize our individual strengths and weaknesses, and her good humor when we struggle with something new.  We are both in our early 70's, and she has pushed us to improve our stamina, flexibility, and balance.  We feel so much better and credit Erin with keeping us motivated."

Kathy Schoos

"Erin is the best! I’ve been taking Erin’s virtual Pilates classes regularly for almost a year now and I can honestly say that I am so much stronger, mentally and physically. It’s really cool to be able to feel the change in my body. Erin’s classes are thoughtfully prepared and clearly presented. There’s always a reason behind each exercise that leads seamlessly into the next one. Erin has a way of pushing you in a very healthy way and the class pace really keeps you engaged. I always feel invigorated and have a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Practice with Erin— reap the benefits!"

Alexis S.

"As someone with painful back issues who used to love doing mat Pilates with Erin in-person, I was so happy to learn that she started offering virtual Pilates lessons during COVID. These weekly sessions have been essential to maintaining my spine health (and mental health!) during a time when I’m unable to workout at the gym, and I spend so much of my time sitting at my desk. As an added bonus, a small group of friends have opted to join me for these virtual sessions each Friday evening – we’ve been doing these private Friday group classes with Erin for almost a year now, and we all love this tradition we’ve built where we get the opportunity to move our bodies together and briefly socialize. Thanks to Erin for making this possible and keeping us healthy!"

Jackie M.

"Your classes have help ground me during the upheaval of 2020. I’ve felt myself grow stronger throughout the year under your guidance. I’ve especially appreciated your personalized attention with injuries I’ve had, allowing me to modify exercises but still build strength and participate! Being able to ask questions and have individual guidance has been instrumental in my understanding of the poses. I don’t know how I would have made it through the year without you!!"

Marcia Z.

"I've been taking Pilates classes with Erin for well over five years. I first met her at an Open Mat Class and was a regular at any and all of the classes she was teaching. Her virtual classes have been a bright light during this difficult and isolating time. She is incredibly knowledgeable, challenging, positive and engaging. I leave class feeling energized, stronger and accomplished. Each class is unique and filled with personalized attention and guidance. Erin's expertise breaks through the limitations of virtual classes and I often forget that I am home. I could not recommend her more! In fact, my mom and sister are now studying with her as well!!"

Megan L.

"Before taking Erin's class in NYC, the only previous Pilates class I had ever done was on a dusty VHS tape at my parents' house. It didn't particularly resonate with me and I I dismissed Pilates as something that wasn't for me. Erin has definitely changed that. She's a great teacher who expertly guides you through the different moves. After a few weeks of classes with Erin, I noticed my body and muscle awareness improve. Her cues make it easy to know which muscle groups you should be activating and where to release tension. I leave class feeling longer and stronger. Erin has also made a seamless transition to online Zoom classes during the pandemic. What I particularly enjoy about her Zoom classes is that she still pays attention to each student and offers individual corrections and modifications when needed. Her classes are definitely a bright spot when shut in and working from home."

Stephanie Primavera

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