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Group Fitness

Erin Ginn has taught in the Group Fitness Department at Equinox since 2011. She primarily instructs Pilates Mat classes but also teaches EQX Barre Burn. 


Erin was also a Senior Instructor at the Pilates Studio of Equinox's Printing House location, where she taught for 6 years.  



Studio and at Home Training

Whatever your goals, whether it be training for a marathon or returning to exercise from injury, working with Erin one-on-one or in a small group setting is guaranteed to achieve greater and quicker results.  Each session is programmed to the individual's needs, while Erin ensures there is precision, purpose, and power in the movement.

Make your move today to work with Erin! Be your best self, inside and out! 



Workout from Home

Find community through movement and reap the benefits of Pilates in the safety and comfort of your home.  Erin offers Open Group Mat Classes, Private, Duet, and Semi-Private Sessions. 

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